G-Floor High Traffic Flooring

What exactly is it?

G-floor High Traffic Flooring is a creative and innovative premium floor product that provides the ability to turn a floor into a unique canvas using your own (or our) photographs, designs, images, and branding.​​ The product is made from a high durable grade vinyl available in 0.75″ and 0.95″ thicknesses depending on the application. The 0.75″ product is ideal for homes and commercial spaces while the 0.95″ material is great for garages and automobile uses. It’s also MADE IN AMERICA!

It’s a Premium Product

VSP Custom Printed Floors are a premium custom commercial grade vinyl flooring material. Unlimited possibilities are a higher investment (Just like a luxury vehicle) but the results are priceless. VSP Custom Printed Floors can be installed as a permanent floor or as a temporary re-usable marketing tool. The imagery and results speak for themselves.

The commercial grade product comes with a 5 year commercial grade warranty. (Free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service) Detailed warranty information available upon request.

Available Textures

Ceramic G-Floor Texture


Coin G-Floor Texture


Diamond Tread G-Floor Texture

Diamond Tread

Levant G-Floor Texture


Wood Grain G-Floor Texture

Wood Grain