About VSP Custom Printed Floors

We design, print and install high traffic Vinyl Sheet Flooring for commercial and residential use. Applications can be permanent from wall to wall or for temporary use. All applications are custom-fit & designed to meet your exact needs.

Availability: VSP Custom Printed Floors can be shipped inside of the United States and internationally.

Product of the USA.

What is Our Process?

Step 1 Contact and Visit

One of our certified associates will assist you over the phone, in our showroom or onsite. We will discuss the right solution with you and in most cases, we can provide a pre-project estimate within 24 hours.


Our staff will survey the area and take accurate measurements. This will give our team all the information we need to provide an estimate. Our designers will then work with you to design the floor and choose the right texture / finish for your project.


Once the design is approved, we will schedule your floor to be manufactured. Depending on projects in queue, it typically takes 5-10 business days. We will schedule a delivery / installation date once the floor has been produced.

Where to use?

Whether it’s a garage, commercial, residential, retail or a tradeshow, we can help with your custom printed floor needs.

VSP Custom printed floors can be used virtually anywhere, including:

Police & Fire Stations


Visitor centers

Convention centers

Advertising campaigns

Sports complexes



Retail Environments

Corporate environments

Custom garages

Trade shows

Outdoor events

Project Highlight – Historical Society of Palm Beach

Super-Durable for high-traffic applications like museums & garages!

Duplicating history is not an easy task, but we did it. With photography, design, VSP Custom Printed Flooring and installation we duplicated a 1916 floor and installed it in an area over 350 sq.ft.